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Poll: 75 Percent of Hiring Managers Have Seen People Lie on Resume

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 14, 2017
Lying Man

A recent survey has found that 75 percent of human resource managers have found inaccuracies on resumes sent to them, something that does not endear them to the prospective candidate, as only 12 percent would ever call a dishonest candidate back, according to CNBC. The survey, conducted online by CareerBuilder, included managers at over 2,500 employers across the U.S., including 221 private sector human resource managers. What can be implied from the survey results is that there is apparently a large number of people who are not yet aware that claims made on their resumes can, and likely will, be checked by people whose job it is to do so well. While it should go without saying, it is generally a bad idea to put even small lies on one's resume, even if one thinks it will really make a difference. While this is not technically wrong, the difference it makes will likely be negative.