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Poll: 20 Percent of Employees Face 'Hostile or Threatening' Environment at Work

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 15, 2017

A recent poll has found that a large number of employees, one in five, face a "hostile or threatening environment" at work, according to the Associated Press, encompassing sexual harassment, bullying and other abusive conditions. The study, undertaken by the Rand Corporation, Harvard Medical School and the University of California, Los Angeles, surveyed 3,066 U.S. workers  aged 25 to 71. 

In addition, the poll also found that 55 percent of workers face "unpleasant and potentially hazardous conditions," nearly 75 percent said at least a quarter of their job involves intensive or repetitive physical labor, just 38 percent believe their jobs offer good prospects for advancement, and about half say they need to work on their own time to meet the demands of their job.