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Nearly Half of Employers Want Resumes Longer Than a Page

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Dec 3, 2018

The longstanding advice that your resume should never be longer than a page might no longer be quite as tried and true, as nearly half of employers now say they'd prefer more details from their candidates even if that pushes their resumes into two pages, according to CBS News' MoneyWatch. A survey by staffing firm Accountemps found that the percentage of people who prefer one page versus two pages for resumes was split almost in half, with 47 percent preferring the former and 46 preferring the latter. This represents a major shift, said MoneyWatch, as 20 years ago one-page resumes were preferred by a three-to-one margin. This change has arisen at least partially because so many more people are involved in the hiring process than before, including computer algorithms that scan for keywords. While before it was reasonable to assume that whoever was reading the resume would be familiar enough with certain industry standards that basic job descriptions could be omitted, candidates can no longer take for granted that the reader will know what they're talking about without further elaboration. But this change does not mean that employers are looking for the resume version of Finnegans Wake; MoneyWatch said employers still desire clear and concise language and generally disdain introductory statements of objectives.