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Millennials: The IRS Wants to Hire You

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Apr 14, 2015

Uncle_Sam_(pointing_finger)The IRS is fast approaching a Baby Bust, with more than half of its employees over 50 years old, and 40 percent of its total workforce eligible to retire in four years, according to a recent speech the service’s commissioner, John Koskinen, gave at the National Press Club. In fact, less than three percent of IRS employees are under 30, and half of them work part-time only. Approximately one percent of its employees are under 25. So what does that mean? While it’s true that the IRS has suffered from a series of budget cuts that have made layoffs necessary, when it can hire, it wants millennials. And with such a large percentage of its workers likely to retire within the next decade, advancement seems highly likely.