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Man Gets Job. Man Accidentally Sends Nude Selfie to HR. Man Loses Job.

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 2, 2015
OopsRecently, the Trusted Professional asked some of its members what the biggest example of unprofessional behavior from a job candidate for its CPA Roundtable. While respondents went over some truly egregious behavior, the following story might be the most unprofessional of them all: 

An Illinois company offered a man a job, but the HR director was then shocked when that same man sent her two nude selfies, according to UPI. One lewd picture was sent on Aug. 11, and a second was sent on Aug. 13, both directly to her cell phone. She wasn't entirely sure who was sending them at first, said UPI, until the applicant later made a follow-up call (about the job, not the photos) from that same number. After being contacted by police, the man said that the pictures weren't meant to be sent to the HR director of the company that recently offered him a position, but for someone else entirely. Oops. 

Needless to say, the company withdrew the offer.  

Hint for job applicants: while trouble such as this can be headed off by not taking these sorts of pictures at all, if you must take such photos with your phone, please double check to ensure they go to the right person.