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Make a Lasting Impression When Networking

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Mar 25, 2016

NetworkingNetworking is one of the biggest buzzwords when it comes to career growth these days, and it’s important to know how to make the most of your networking opportunities. Though we all learned in elementary school not to judge a book by its cover, studies show that most people make judgments about others seconds of meeting them. Here are a few tips from Inc on how to make a strong, positive impression:

Stand out by standing up. Make the effort to mix and mingle, and only sit down if you need to catch your breath. If you’re hosting the networking event, introduce people to each other, and if not, be sure to make a positive impression before you hand out your business card.

Smile genuinely. It’s easy to tell if someone’s forcing a smile, so don’t! Everyone knows a genuine smile includes the eyes, so make sure you’re using them. Practice in front of a mirror if you have to; you don’t want people you’re meeting for the first time to think you don’t want to be there.

Have a strong handshake. The ideal handshake is a firm, assertive grasp that conveys goodwill. Be the first person to extend your hand, and shake with confidence. You don’t want to be known as the person with a limp handshake, or conversely, an overly antagonistic one.