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LinkedIn Report: Chief Revenue Officer Is Fastest-Growing Job

S.J. Steinhardt
Published Date:
May 22, 2023

iStock-538324564 CFO Chief FInancial Officer Signing Paperwork

Chief revenue officer (CRO) is not only a relatively new title, but it is the fastest-growing job in the United States over the past five years, Fast Company reported, using data from LinkedIn.

Also known as head of revenue operations (RevOps) or head of revenue management, the job draws from a number of skills and backgrounds, such as sales operations, customer relationship management (CRM) and data analysis.

“Heads of revenue operations oversee all aspects of an organization’s revenue-generating activities, often working closely with sales and marketing teams to ensure go-to market strategies support business goals and revenue growth,” LinkedIn stated.

The hot spots for hiring of this position are San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. The gender distribution is uneven, as men currently hold 64 percent of these roles, according to LinkedIn.

“CROs can cut through the tangled and counterproductive bureaucracy to forge new paths grounded firmly in data, customer desires, and high-level problem solving wrote Erol Toker, the founder and CEO of Kitt AI, an artificial intelligence bot platform, in Fast Company. “This is why more CEOs are betting on CROs.”

In generating revenue as efficiently as possible, “they see revenue as one holistic journey, not broken up into stages like marketing, sales, and customer service,” he wrote. Accordingly, they break down existing processes and create new ones by applying RevOps methodologies to identify the root cause of problems such as difficulties in closing sales deals or the buying process itself.

“A CRO can restructure the buying process around the ideal, uncomplicated buyer journey,” he wrote. “They look at data from happy buyers to understand what drew them in, and data from those who dropped out of the journey to assess what’s not working for them.”

CROs can also change how employees work. The use of automation “will ultimately drive sales reps and others away from low-value tasks, and towards all the work that moves the needle,” he wrote. Of course, “CROs will always need high-level thinkers who will be able to analyze data and identify solutions,” he added.

“CROs will use RevOps techniques to figure out the lowest friction way for potential customers to get from A to B to C—and they will need to work with employees to make this happen,” he concluded. “If the data [are] correct, and CROs are the fast-growing job title, we should all prepare to work with CROs as well.” 

The second-fasting growing job, according to the LinkedIn report, is human resources analytics manager, followed by diversity and inclusion manager, truck driver and employee experience manager.