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Just One More Reason Why it Pays to Be A NextGen CPA

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jun 10, 2015

Reaching for the StarsUp-and-coming CPAs: You’re a hot commodity. In fact, according to a new report by the staffing agency Robert Half and the Financial Executives Research Foundation, larger companies are so eager to find—and keep—top accounting talent that staffing costs have risen in relation to recruiting, salary and benefits.

Researchers found that while the cost of internal financial staff as a percentage of revenue held steady at smaller companies, it rose from 1 percent in 2014 to 2 percent in 2015 for companies with revenue between $500 million and $999 million, and from 0.90 percent to 1.4 percent at companies with $1 billion to $4.9 billion in revenue. Based on interviews with 
financial executives, the report said, “those increases are likely a reflection of the heightened competition for skilled accounting and finance staff, which has further intensified with an improving economy.” 

“One of the trends that stood out in the research was the increased difficulty executives reported in recruiting skilled employees,” Paul McDonald, senior executive director of Robert Half, said in a statement. “Companies competing for top talent, as well as those looking to retain star performers, are boosting compensation packages.”

Bottom line? You’re in the right field—and at the right time.