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Job Seekers in 2023 Should Be Mindful of Labor Market and Emerging Technologies

S.J. Steinhardt
Published Date:
Jan 19, 2023

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With challenges come opportunities, the old saying goes, and it is certainly true when hunting for a job in 2023, StandOut CV founder Andrew Fennell wrote in Fast Company.

In the current market, industries such as health care are thriving, with many openings, while the tech sector is laying people off. To beat the competition, Fennell advised job seekers to improve their résumés. That means adapting them for specific applications and, in turn, spending more time and effort than one would in a more favorable market.

Those who may decide to change industries, for whatever reason, may encounter difficulties. It is difficult to enter a field in which one has no experience, while more experienced professionals may have to start at a lower level. In cases such as these, Fennell emphasized promoting one's existing skills that are transferable, as well as augmenting them by taking courses to learn new ones.

He also urged job seekers to be aware of new technology that employers are using to scan and parse applications. These Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are increasingly being used by recruiters, so applicants must optimize their résumés for these systems—by, for example, using keywords—to get their applications noticed.

Automation takes more than one form. It also replaces tasks once performed by humans, so Fennell advised job seekers to strengthen their transferable skills in such areas as creativity, communication, and cultural awareness.

Finally, Fennel emphasized the importance of confidence. “A positive attitude and the belief that you will find the role that’s right for you will be absolutely vital for success in 2023,” he wrote.