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In a World of Distractions, Solitude Rules

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 23, 2017

With over 80 percent of Americans owning the notoriously distracting devices known as smartphones, it can easily be argued that the country is having more trouble focusing than before, with impacts ranging from cognitive overload to rising traffic fatalities. With this in mind, an article in the Harvard Business Review argues that the future belongs to those who can put their devices down and focus. With so many so distracted nowadays, being able to carve out time alone without being constantly harried by phone notifications and that dreaded blinking LED can be helpful in getting a leg up on the competition. The articles authors suggest explicitly builds periods of alone time into your schedule, even if it's just a 15 minute pocket. Another trick to help manage distractions is to simply log out of all your social media accounts: you'll be less tempted to check Facebook if you need to log in every time you do so. Outside electronic devices themselves, it's also recommended you focus your priorities and determine what you can afford to miss, and avoid the temptation to overload on commitments.