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'Hybrid Jobs' Expected to Jump by 21 Percent Over Next Decade

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Mar 22, 2019

The number of jobs requiring skills from disparate fields, such as being both a marketing and data analytics expert at the same time, is anticipated to increase by 21 percent over the next decade, according to Fortune. The workforce analytics company Burning Glass analyzed its database of over 1 billion past and present job postings and found that while such "hybrid" positions have always existed, the number of them seems to be increasing dramatically. For instance, in 2010 there were only 150 job postings that needed data analysis skills on top of the more traditional requirements. Now there are 1.7 million such postings. Similarly, mobile app developers are increasingly being called upon to not only be good coders but also have talent in interface design, marketing and content. While the criteria for such job postings are, as one might expect, more difficult to meet, those jobs also tend to pay better and, according to Burning Glass, are much less likely to be automated, given the diverse skill sets required.