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How Tomorrow's Managing Partners Could Change the CPA Profession

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 20, 2017
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As current CPA firm leaders look increasingly towards retirement, younger professionals are stepping up to fill the void; what will firms look like when these new leaders take the wheel of a changing industry? An article in Accounting Web suggests that we'll be seeing a CPA profession that's more personal and communicative. Specifically, it predicts that while emphasis on profit and growth will still be there, personal meaning and value will have higher emphasis as well. This will dovetail with more attention paid to work-life balance. In addition, the culture will become less formal, which will in turn will filter to how firms interact with clients. Further, it suggests that training will become more peer-to-peer versus top-down, which will also encourage more collaboration with specialists. Finally, as those who grew up with online communication take control of their firms, there will be more openness to remote meetings versus prioritizing face-to-face interaction.