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How to Successfully Handle Criticism

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Feb 3, 2016

Responding to CriticismAn important measure of success is how you handle criticism. But whether you’re an entry-level accountant or a partner, taking criticism is hard.  Typical (and understandable, if not ideal) responses to criticism include getting defensive, or even lashing out with your own criticism. However, the best way to respond, according to Inc, is to accept the criticism, and grow from it. Here’s how:

Accept the criticism. Unless the criticism was bitter or overly severe, odds are, there’s truth in it. Criticism is never fun to hear, but it can prove to be valuable and beneficial in the long run.

Determine what can be learned. If you respond with angry excuses, it’s unlikely that you or the person criticizing you will gain anything from it – and will likely create uncomfortable workplace tension. Instead, think of criticism as feedback with which you can use to improve yourself.

Show gratitude. If you can put your personal feelings aside, thanking your boss or colleague for their constructive criticism can go a long way. You’ll come off as both professional and sincere, and only good can come of that.