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How to Stay Healthy Behind Your Desk

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jan 22, 2016

Back PainA lot of accounting is handled behind a desk, especially during busy season. Unfortunately, more and more studies are showing that sitting for extended periods of time is hard on your health. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, work-related musculoskeletal problems – from muscle strains to carpal tunnel – made up 32% of all workplace related injury and illness in 2014. So how do you spare yourself a trip to the doctor? Time has a few tips to keep the most common office injuries away:

Back pain. Poor posture while sitting can lead to some serious back pain. What’s more, leaving your feet dangling also puts strain on your back, so lowering your chair or getting a footstool may also help alleviate back pain. Finally, core exercises such as crunches can also take pressure off your back.

Wrist strain. Like back pain, wrist strain can also occur as a result of poor posture. Having your shoulders hunched forwards diminishes blood flow to your hands, which can cause discomfort in your wrists. Additionally, a wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse can also prevent wrist strain.

Neck and shoulder tension. Make sure your computer monitor is facing you directly rather than angled, as this forces your neck into an awkward long-term position. Keeping your arms at a comfortable 90-degree angle can help take tension away from your shoulders.

Eye strain. To prevent eye strain, make sure your computer monitor is 20-40 inches from you, and that the top of the monitor is at eye level. There are also filters that can be placed over monitors to reduce glare.