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How to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

Jason Wong
Published Date:
May 13, 2016

TreadmillUnless your life is similar to Ben Affleck’s character in the upcoming “The Accountant” movie (he plays a CPA who works for some shady clients), it’s unlikely that you’ll be spending a lot of time away from your desk, which can wreak havoc on your health. Here are three tips from Inc on staying healthy even when you’re a desk jockey:

Move when you can. The best thing you can do with regard to exercise is set aside some time everyday to exercise. Of course, that’s easier said than done: you might be too exhausted before or after work to hit the gym, and your lunch break might not be long enough to fit in a quick fitness class. Still, every little bit of movement is calories burned, so find what excuses you can to move around. For example, you could walk to a coworker’s desk to instead of just shooting them a quick email or giving them a call.

Bring your own food. Unless you’re getting lunch and snacks from a vendor that’s specifically serving healthy food, odds are there’s a lot of extra sugar, fat, and empty calories being served in your area. Bringing your own food means you can control what goes into your body; and studies show that healthy food is better for you in the long run, and will give you more energy than the sugar high of a donut.

Stay hydrated. Getting up to refill on water gets you moving, but additionally, staying well hydrated comes with a host of benefits, both in the short- and long-term.