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How to Negotiate If You’re An Introvert

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Mar 23, 2016

NegotiationsA quick glance at movies, TV, and even the news makes it seem like the best kind of negotiators are extroverted people who often straddle the line between assertive and aggressive. That barrage of media can make it seem like it’s impossible for introverts to be effective negotiators, and that they’re destined to always get a raw deal. Not so, according to Entrepreneur. Here are some tips to use your natural predilection towards introversion to your advantage when negotiating.

Learn the value of silence. Olivia Fox Cabane, author of “The Charisma Myth,” says that simply put, in a negotiation, “Whoever has less endurance for silence loses.” Don’t think that you have to respond as soon as someone puts an offer on the table. You can give yourself a few seconds to consider the details in full and craft your response.

Consider all possible outcomes. Give yourself some context by thinking about the best- and worst-case scenarios of the negotiation. Knowing what could come will allow you to focus your preliminary research on how to achieve that best-case scenario.

Ask open-ended questions. During the negotiation itself, it’s important to ask open-ended questions. Such questions force the other individual to move away from any strategic script they may have prepared.