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How to Make the Transition to Your First Managerial Role

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Dec 8, 2015

BabyBossWhen you’re promoted to your first leadership position, it can be difficult to make the transition, especially when your team is composed of people who you’ve already established a work relationship with – one in which you aren’t the new boss. On the other hand, your boss may also have a difficult time seeing you in a management position, and may start contradicting your decisions. Fortune has some advice on how to deal with the pressures of big promotion:

  • Expect change. It’s not uncommon for the dynamic of your work relationships to change significantly. Unfortunately, there’s not a magic solution to this problem. Be patient, advises Chip Espinoza, an academic director of organizational psychology at Concordia University. One day it all falls into place.
  • Stay calm. It can be frustrating when your boss resists your new position by contradicting your decisions; after all, your managerial styles are probably different. Stay calm, and defuse the situation by showing your appreciation for their mentorship, and emphasizing that you are trying to be authentic and develop your own managerial style.
  • Explain yourself. You may also find it helpful to explain the reasoning behind your decisions, and that your team may be confused about “who the real boss is.” Even if they don’t like it, “most people get that,” said Espinoza.