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How to Leave Your Job Gracefully

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Mar 11, 2016

Neon Exit signFor the majority of the last century, it was not uncommon for people to stay with their company for the majority of their career. However, the new common wisdom is that the fastest way to move up in your career is to switch jobs every 2-3 years. That’s a big difference from the 40+ years your grandparents likely put into their jobs! Unfortunately, leaving your job can be awkward, and worse; can elicit bad feelings from both parties if not handled properly. Here are some tips from Time to ease the transition:

Be honest. There’s no point in hiding where you’ll be going after you leave; after all, you’ll likely update your LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media soon after you get settled at your new job. Odds are, people will appreciate your transparency.

Tie up loose ends. If you leave with unfinished work that will get dropped into someone else’s to-do list, it’s likely that won’t go over well. Do what you can to finish anything you’re working on – and if it’s a project where you’ll be unable to do so before you leave, at least leave it in a state where whoever does take over your responsibilities will be in a reasonably comfortable position.

Thank everyone. Before you leave, you should also thank your coworkers for everything. It’s a nice gesture to make, and if you’re genuine, will make it difficult to have hard feelings about your departure.