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How to Land a Great Mentor

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Aug 18, 2015

Teacher and StudentIt might seem like people find excellent career mentors through some random combination of luck and fate. And sure, there are a fortunate few who went to high school with the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world or whose families have amazing connections. But, for the most part, finding the best mentor is really just a matter of being proactive. Here are some tips for getting started from Entrepreneur:

  • Don’t get hung up on age. There’s a misconception that a mentor has to be an older, wiser colleague who will pass on the secrets of life and business. But mentors don’t have to be a generation apart from you; you might find a good mentor in a peer or someone just a few rungs up the ladder.


  • Don’t think you only need one. What’s more likely (and more helpful!) is that you’ll find multiple people from whom you can learn.


  • Take a good look around you. Instead of searching far and wide for mentors, see who you rub shoulders with at events. They might be closer than you think.


  • Listen in order to learn. Sometimes, your ears will do you more good than your mouth. Go into conversations with other professionals prepared to ask questions and do a lot of listening, with the assumption that everyone has something to teach you.