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How to Get the Starting Salary You Want

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jun 10, 2016

Money in piggy bankPassion and interest in your chosen profession is important, but getting paid what you want and what you’re worth is nice too. So how do you get the salary you want without coming off as money-grubbing or overly aggressive in your negotiation? Here are some tips from Forbes on how to land a salary that both you and your employer are happy with:

Ask for a salary range. If the salary range isn’t posted alongside the job description, be sure to ask for it specifically and by your second interview before you and the potential employer waste time on an offer doomed to fail. If the hiring manager waffles, don’t waver! Make sure they know your salary target, and also, that your previous salaries are irrelevant.

Get the specifics of the job offer. When a job offer is imminent, do confirm that it contains the amount specified as your salary target. If not, you may have to consider walking.

Consider other benefits. Still, just because the initial offer might be on the lower end or just under your desired target, you should consider if there are other benefits that could be worth the difference, like a sign-on bonus, additional vacation time, work flexibility, tuition reimbursement, or any number of other perks.