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How to Get Everything You Can From a Conference

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jul 29, 2015

NetworkingGot your calendar open? We’re shifting into high conference season at the NYSSCPA—from now through the end of the year, there are about 20 events you can sign up for, including next week’s #NextGen Conference.  In networking terms, that translates into about 20 opportunities to make contacts that could help you down the line. We drilled experts for advice on how to really work the room during a conference, or any other professional event, in this issue of NextGen magazine, and the good folks at Harvard Business Review also shared a few dos and don’ts in a recent post online. They include:


  • Change your viewpoint. Networking is good for your career, so think of it that way, rather than as a chore.
  • Schedule wisely. When faced with a choice between presentations, consider what each offers you. A good presentation should either be educational, or it should present you with the opportunity to meet the speaker.
  • Take initiative. Be prepared to introduce yourself to people. If you know who will be there, create a list of attendees you’d like to meet and make a plan to approach them.


  • Stay in your comfort zone. Don’t just mingle with your coworkers or people you’ve met before. It’s important to maintain those connections, but not to the exclusion of new people.
  • Exhaust yourself. It can be exhausting to network, and if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t come off at your best to others.