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How to Come Back From (and Avoid) Interview Mistakes

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Dec 1, 2015

Interview in ProgressIt can be a nail biting experience waiting to hear back from a potential employer, but especially for the introverted, the interview itself can be even more nerve-wracking.  Sure, you might’ve polished off your best stories about how you overcame a challenge, made a mistake, or are a team player. However, even the most well-rehearsed story can inadvertently turn into an interview blunder. Here are some tips from The Muse on how to come back from common interview mistakes:

Insulting Your Previous Employer. You didn’t mean to, but your story about your leadership ended up being unflattering towards your old boss. If this happens, don’t sweat it! Just say something like, “Sorry, I did not mean to go there. What I meant to say was…” To avoid this, be sure to prepare your stories ahead of time.

  • Accidentally Cursing. Sometimes, you get excited about something and you let an errant swear word slip out. That’s not the end of the world; be honest, apologize, and re-focus on the achievement that got you so excited. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, take your time when you’re speaking. You’ll be much less likely to let something uncouth slip.
  • Blanking on a Question. Now and then, you get asked a question that you didn’t prepare for. Don’t panic. It’s perfectly acceptable to take your time to answer; it shows that you’re thoughtful and want to respond as best you can.