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How to Build Your Confidence before an Interview

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Feb 10, 2016

Waiting for InterviewHeading into an interview can be extremely stressful, and unfortunately, stress can often prove detrimental to your interviewee skills. Unless you happen to know that the interview is just a formality (lucky you!), it’s likely to be more than a small source of anxiety. So how to you boost your confidence before entering the lion’s den? Forbes has a few suggestions to follow:

Don’t plan for failure. With an uncertain outcome, it can be tempting to make excuses before you’ve even stepped into the interview for why you won’t get the job – e.g. that the job will likely go to someone on the inside, that the manager will dislike you, etc. All that worrying will do is turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy; so don’t do it!

Take a few deep breaths. Anxiety manifests itself physiologically through a racing heart, sweaty palms, etc., which doesn’t typically come off well in the interview room. Get your body back under control by taking a few moments to focus on your breathing.

Think about why you’re there. Your interviewer isn’t calling you in just to have a laugh at your expense; they took a look at your resume and cover letter and thought that you could do the job. You’re just there to seal the deal by showing them how well you can fit into their team, both in terms of value and culture.