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How to Avoid Burnout if you’re Feeling the Heat

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jul 20, 2016

StressWhile any job can be stressful (while hopefully still being rewarding), being an accountant can sometimes feel overly so. It might be because busy season is in full swing, or because your client is being difficult in giving you all the information you need to be satisfied with the quality of the audit you’re providing them. Whatever it is, one thing you want to avoid is burnout. Here are a few tips from Forbes to help with the heat:

Get help from your firm. Odds are, if you’re feeling worn out, others in your firm are as well. Find out which coworkers are experiencing the same problems as you, and work with them to fix them. Try also to surround yourself with coworkers who have a positive influence on you and support you if you’re feeling down.

Make your work meaningful. Do yourself a favor and figure out which parts of your job are most fulfilling for you and dedicate more time to them. If possible, talk to your boss about changing your duties to better coincide with your strengths and interests.

Take time to recharge.  Consciously take breaks so that you can rejuvenate yourself, whether that means a 5-minute break or a week long one to get yourself back in a relaxed state of mind. Also, if you can, speak to your boss about switching to a more flexible work schedule that allows you more control over your time.

Change firms or career paths. Sometimes despite trying everything, the issue is where you’re working or what you’re doing. As a last option, you may find changing firms or the path of your career helps your mental health.