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Half of Millennials, When Asked What They'd Give Up to Cancel Student Debt, Said Voting

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 2, 2017

When given an array of options of what they would give up if it meant wiping out all of their student debt, about half of Millennials said that they would forgo voting for the next two presidential elections, said CNBC. The poll, which surveyed 500 people between 18 to 34, asked people how far they would go to be free of their student debt. What it was was that 49.8 said they would give up voting in the next two U.S. presidential elections, 43.6 percent said they would never use a ride sharing app again, 42.4 percent said they would forgo leaving the country for five years, 27 percent said they would move in with their parents and live there for five years, 13.2 percent said they would give up texting and all other mobile messaging services, and 8.2 percent, the remainder, said they'd rather just keep paying off their debt.