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Guest Blog: How Being a CPA Brings Me Freedom

Somya R. Munjal, CPA, MBA, MAS
Published Date:
May 13, 2015

Somya R. MunjalBeing a CPA means a lot to me. It means that people come to me to help them manage their finances better. It means that they trust me and that I have a duty to uphold their trust. But being a CPA has also given me something else that I very much cherish: freedom.

Ever since I was a kid, I've had a hard time standing still. I always had to be on the go and do something different. So, as you can imagine, when I first started working in the corporate world, I was miserable. Putting me in a cube to work eight to 10 hours was the equivalent of putting me in jail. I just had to break free!

Fast forward five years. After receiving my CPA license, I now have the pleasure of owning and operating two businesses—Youthful Savings and CPA for the People, LLP. I no longer work in a cube and did tax season this year at a sweet resort in Istanbul, Turkey! My CPA designation has allowed me the freedom to work on the things that make me happy in places that inspire me.

I’m truly grateful to be a part of the profession. But truth be told, it was my Mom's idea! I used to count money as a kid and she told me that as an accountant, I could track money all day long. So in honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to give a sincere thanks to my Mom for pushing me into a career that I can excel at.

Somya R. Munjal is a CPA based in New York City. She’s passionate about financial education and socially conscious businesses. Both of her companies, Youthful Savings and CPA for the People, LLP, operate as social enterprises, with 10 cents of every dollar earned dedicated to youth college scholarships and various charity endeavors.