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Growing Numbers Report Feeling Burnt Out on Remote Work

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 28, 2020

A poll conducted by jobs site Monster.com found that 69 percent of remote workers are feeling burnt out, a dramatic spike from 20 percent in early May, said CNBC. What's more, 59 percent said they are taking less time off than normal and 42 percent said they don't plan to take time off in the future to decompress. A big factor is that widespread telecommuting has eroded the boundary between work and life, leading some to feel obligated to continue working even outside normal hours. One reason why remote workers are working more is that as the economy continues to collapse, they feel increasingly vulnerable and so work harder out of fear they might be laid off in the future.

Employers, too, believe that remote work is wearing thin, according to the Wall Street Journal. While the beginning of the pandemic saw workers being more productive, this gain has apparently tapered off over the months. Companies are now reporting that having their workforce so spread out is creating huge inefficiencies in project management, hiring, training and other aspects of the job. This has led some executives to think that widespread telecommuting is not sustainable in the long run; while previously, some had embraced the move online, firms now envision a hybrid future, which involves both remote and on-site work depending on needs.