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Gaming Apps for Aspiring CPAs

Zach Simeone
Published Date:
Aug 4, 2017

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There are a growing number of apps to help test your knowledge of accounting. Some are specifically focused on studying for the CPA exam, but the choices don’t end there—other apps offer more offbeat options. Here are some examples.

Tax Fight IMG_2558-2

Tax Fight!

Players answer multiple-choice accounting questions to throw punches in “Tax Fight!,” a free gaming app from John Gillingham, a CPA who develops apps for his company, Accounting Play. This app combines boxing and quizzing into a unique take on studying. You’ll know you’re learning when you finally “knock out the government.”

Accounting Quiz Game IMG_2564

Accounting Quiz Game

With a design reminiscent of one of the sky levels from Super Mario, this free game, also from John Gillingham, tests your knowledge with multiple-choice questions that require you to select the gold coin next to the correct answer. “Debits & Credits,” from the same developer, takes a more binary approach to questioning, with the same gold coins and the same backdrop.

The Accounted IMG_2510

The Accounted

A drama-laced mystery, “The Accounted” follows detective ACE as she investigates mobster Tony Zootz in 1940s New York City. Players solve puzzles and answer multiple-choice questions, as they sort through Zootz’s balance sheets to find clues of his wrongdoing, practicing the basics of accounting along the way. The app, from Rocketfuel Productions Inc., costs 99 cents.

Accounting Bootcamp IMG_2563

Accounting Bootcamp

First, you’ll be welcomed by your coach—a friendly owl sporting a military hat, a whistle and a clipboard. Then, you’ll be thrust into the first round of multiple-choice questions. As to be expected, questions progress in their level of complexity as you move forward. This app, developed by Linda Lovata, an accounting professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, is free.