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Four Things to Do If You Want a Raise

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jan 12, 2016

Growing MoneyWho doesn’t want a raise? But getting one, or even asking for one, is easier said than done. Maybe you subconsciously feel that you don’t deserve one, that asking for one is confrontational, that you’re being appropriately compensated, or you simply fear rejection. Here are four tips from Time to help you get that raise.

Know your worth. According to survey conducted by PayScale.com, the majority of people deserve the raises they ask for. What’s more, getting underpaid is not only bad for your wallet, but bad for your morale; it can become a “negative feedback loop” that stops you from asking for the raise. So how do you get in the right frame of mind? List your achievements in a way that you would to your boss – you’ll sound a lot better on paper than in your mind.

Know the culture, and prepare. If it’s taboo to talk about salaries or raises, the best thing you can do is go to your boss having prepared for the conversation. Make sure that you have all the facts and figures ready, and don’t let yourself get sidetracked.

Be your own advocate. You might think that your employer will just give you a raise when you deserve it, but while that may have been the case in decades past, these days you can’t be shy about asking for more money.

Expect a “no.” Initially. Your boss might say no at first, but don’t just exit their office after hearing it. Go in ready to have a discussion, armed with salary ranges for your title and job description, as well as information about your performance and your market value.