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Four Myths about Networking

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Apr 19, 2016

NetworkingAs much as it might seem like traditional networking should fall to the wayside while social networking takes its place, the truth is that traditional networking still has a ton of value to any profession, including CPAs. Here are four myths from the Harvard Business Review to disabuse yourself of with regard to networking.

It’s not worth the time invested. One popular misconception about networking is that because the relationships developed are not instantly related to any current task, they aren’t a good use of time. The truth is, most networking is not done with immediate benefits in mind.

You’re either a natural at networking, or not. It’s true some people are more extroverted and find that interacting with other people comes easier. However, like accounting, networking is a skill that can be practiced and honed like any other.

Networking is selfish. One popular myth around networking is that it’s selfish, because the relationship is formed with an intention other than friendship in mind. The truth? Whatever you’re getting from a networking relationship, you’re also reciprocating by providing value of your own to them.

Only strong relationships will yield results. It’s good to have an inner circle of close relationships in your network, but “weaker” relationships are not without value. An inner circle can fall into the trap of being comprised of people who have the same information and perspective as you do, which can stifle innovation.