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Four Behaviors to Change to Avoid Burnout

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Apr 27, 2016

Feeling squeezedBurnout is one of the worst things that can happen to any working professional, and CPAs are no different. Between studying for the CPA exam, busy season, and the other sources of stress that come with the territory, it can be easy to feel exhausted, disinterested, and irritable, which can lead to poor performance. Some things that lead to burnout are difficult to control, or just out of your control entirely. However, there are some behaviors that you can identify and change to address burnout potential, according to Forbes:

Focus. One way to avoid burnout is to establish what your focus is. Just because you have or are shooting for a CPA doesn’t mean you have to do tax prep if it’s not your passion. A CPA can open doors to just about any industry – so don’t shoehorn yourself when you really don’t have to.

Think positively. Don’t wear yourself out by neurotically focusing on what’s going wrong and how you’re personally responsible for it. Remind yourself of the positives that are happening because of your actions.

Set achievable goals. Trying to do everything perfectly is a recipe for disappointment and eventual burnout. You don’t have to give 110% on routine tasks of low priority; instead, know which tasks merit your full attention, and don’t wear yourself out on every little thing.

Care for yourself. In addition to recharging by staying in with your favorite TV show and comfort food, it’s also important to recharge socially, and not just with outside of work friends. Having workplace friendships can lower stress substantially, and lower the odds of burnout by doing so.