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Five Ways to Show Confidence through Body Language

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Aug 5, 2016

SmallerThanItLooksIn both professional and social settings, displaying confidence is a known factor to success. But for some people, it can be hard to feel confident in settings with people that you don’t know, or people that you think or feel are far and away more qualified than you. In these situations, it’s more important than ever to put on a confident front. Here are five tips from Inc to show others you’re confident – and make yourself feel confident as well:

Smile. Studies suggest that physically smiling, even if you don’t feel particularly happy, can have an instant effect on your mood/self-esteem. It’s easier to be confident when you feel good about yourself, so smile! Besides, nobody is going to want to talk to you if you’re frowning or possibly worse, look apathetic.

Stand tall. Standing tall will make you appear physically bigger, which translates to confidence in peoples’ brains. Slouching or rolling your shoulders forward will tell others that you feel small.

Don’t fidget. Fidgeting with your hands will show people that you’re nervous. Show confidence by letting them rest calmly at your sides.

Keep your feet apart. Like smiling, studies suggest that standing heroically can also positively affect both your outward and inward confidence.

Slow down.  Do things not in slow motion, but with precision and deliberation. Show others that you are confident and at ease with your actions by slowing things down a little.