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Five Things to Avoid When Job-Seeking

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Mar 22, 2016

Waiting for InterviewIt can be hard to find a job in today’s market, regardless of industry. Unfortunately, many job-seekers sabotage themselves during their job search, closing doors to opportunities they would be completely qualified for if only the hiring manager gave them the chance. Here are five behaviors to skip from Forbes on how to avoid sabotaging yourself when job searching. So don’t:

Present a generic resume or LinkedIn. Your resume and LinkedIn profiles are going to be the first things that any potential employer will see of you – so if they look like every other one they’ve ever seen, you won’t stand out, and you might not get the call. Remain professional; but tell your story.

Use an online job application service. If you can, find the specific person who will be doing the hiring, and send your job application to that person.

Skimp on research. Don’t just look up salaries for your desired position on Glassdoor and call it a day – it’s important to know for your interview – because that’s not enough. Go into your interview knowing how your particular skill-set will benefit the firm to which you are applying.

Undersell yourself. In most social situations, it’s considered rude or impolite to brag too much about yourself, so it may be second nature to you to downplay your accomplishments. An interview is not the place for that; don’t undercut yourself by applying modifiers like “I was only such-and-such” or “I was just so-and-so.”

Settle. When you do receive a job offer, speak up if it doesn’t meet your needs. Your next job could be the next few years of your life – make sure it’s one that you deserve!