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E&Y Plans 14,200 New Hires in 2018, Will Focus More on STEM

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 13, 2017

Ernst and Young announces that it plans to hire 14,200 additional new people next year, particularly those with science, technology, engineering and math backgrounds, according to Accounting Today. While this will include 5,400 "experienced and executive level" candidates, the firm's plans also include 8,800 positions for younger people, including 4,880 for recent college graduates and 3,920 for student internships. While E&Y continues to look for the traditional auditing and tax skill sets, it is increasingly looking for candidates experienced with things like robotics, AI, cybersecurity, blockchain and data analytics. It also plans to further grow its advisory services and so seeks people who can be effectively navigate this arena. The firm will also be making a conscientious effort towards increasing diversity.