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Dos and Don'ts of Interview Body Language

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jan 19, 2016

Interview in ProgressAccording to a new CareerBuilder survey of 2,300 corporate hiring managers and HR executives, half the time you’re being interviewed, your potential employer has made a decision within five minutes of meeting you. How do they make these snap judgments? Usually, through poor perceived body language. Here are a couple body language dos and don’ts from Fortune:


Do make eye contact. 67% of surveyed interviewers didn’t hire otherwise qualified candidates for the simple reason that they didn’t make eye contact.

Do smile. You don’t want to come off as stiff and humorless, so be sure to smile, even if you are nervous. After all, 39% of interviewers screened out potential hires who didn’t smile. Similarly, you don’t want to cross your arms over your chest either; this can indicate an undesirable attitude or personality.


Don’t fidget. A third of interviewers declined on candidates who played with something on the table or fidgeted while interviewing. While likely something you just do when you’re nervous, to an interviewer, fidgeting can seem like you’re not interested in what’s going on.

Don’t cross your arms over your chest. 29% of interviewers passed on potential hires who crossed their arms over their chests.