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Don't Wanna Manage People? Manage Projects Instead

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 27, 2017

The typical career path tends to involve having larger and larger numbers of people reporting to you until, years later, you're hopefully in charge of the whole company. But what if that doesn't sound like what you want? Are you doomed to climb the ladder anyway? An article in Quartz suggests not. While the author comes from the marketing industry, the general ideas are applicable to a wide range of professions, such as accounting. The general idea is that if you don't want to manage people, focus your attention on accomplishing individual projects. This means having the initiative to think of and pitch projects of your own that can help the company, versus waiting for your supervisor to delegate things to you. Think: how can things be done better at the company? The author began analyzing the company blog and finding ways to optimize performance in terms of both content and growth and eventually, he said, the results spoke for themselves. 

Admittedly, because it's not the linear path that climbing the ladder presents, it can be more difficult to figure out what you should be doing to advance or even if you're advancing in the first place. It likely will also mean wearing many hats over the course of a career. The author said that success along this line means producing good results no matter what hat you're wearing, and eventually developing a suite of skills that make you extremely valuable to any employer.