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Deloitte Poll: Millennials Seek Sense of Purpose in Work

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 15, 2015
Choosing a directionA recent poll conducted by Deloitte says that the vast majority of millennials want more than a paycheck from their employer: they want the work to be meaningful, they want the company to be ethical, and they want more focus on staff development. Over 60 percent said that "a sense of purpose" is part of the reason why they chose to work for their current employers in the first place, a statistic that's even higher among millennials who are heavy social media users, 77 percent, and lower among those who use less social media than average, 46 percent. 

The poll also found that younger people tend to favor leaders who are strategic thinkers, inspirational, personable and visionary, versus those who are visible, well-networked or technically skilled. There was also very little support for autocratic leadership styles.