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Could This Show be the CPA Version of Grey’s Anatomy?

N. Sheree Saunders and Jason Wong
Published Date:
Aug 31, 2015
Shonda Rhimes
Shonda Rhimes
CPA characters don’t get a whole lot of love in Hollywood. “The Producers” famously used them as comedic foils, with Mr. Marks, a “certified public asshole,” and nervous Leo, whose boldest move is to leave the profession, trading in his visor and pencils for show biz. And though CPAs occasionally pop up on TV—think Norm Peterson from “Cheers”—they’re usually in the background. Doctors and their staffs, on the other hand, have been the focus of nearly 100 U.S. and Canadian shows since the 1950s, according to Wikipedia.  

Another gripe, while we’re on the subject: All too often, CPA characters are just so… boring. TvTropes.com, which has them pegged as “Acceptable Professional Targets,” notes that accountants are typically depicted as  “dull [and] … unable to relax or think outside the box.” But an upcoming project just might flip the script and upend some of those stereotypes: “The Catch,” a stylish new Shonda Rhimes drama that ABC has added to its 2015–2016 lineup.

Though details are scant, here’s what we know: The show stars Mireille Enos (“If I Stay,”  “World War Z”) as our heroine, Alice Vaughan, a forensic accountant on the verge of being conned by her own fiancé. The trailer seems promising—and sexy—although, according to Entertainment Weekly, there’s already some behind-the-scenes drama: Jennifer Schuur, the co-showrunner of “The Catch,” left in August over “creative differences.” So, can “The Catch” do for the profession what  “Grey’s Anatomy” did for surgeons or “Scandal” did for politicos?  We’ll see. We’ll be blogging about the series once it starts.

Also on our radar: “The Accountant,” an action thriller starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick, is set to hit theaters in October 2016. Affleck plays Chris, “a socially-weird government accountant who moonlights as a highly trained assassin,” according to CINEMABLEND.  We’re not sure what to make of all that, but, well, Ben Affleck.