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Companies Looking for More in Junior Accountants

Jason Wong
Published Date:
May 20, 2015

Go for the GoldThese days, even entry-level accountants must have a wider range of technical and communications skills in order to get a foot in the door, according to the Wall Street Journal. Why are companies looking for more from their lowest rungs? According to the outlet, it’s a result of the changing role of the CFO; as the position becomes “less numbers-oriented and more strategic,” CFOs are looking to hire people who not only have initiative and can analyze data, but also possess leadership, forecasting, strategic thinking, cost management, and financial reporting skills.

The Journal cited a survey of 173 finance and human resources hiring managers, in which 81 percent said that such skills are necessary to succeed. However, the same amount noted that only 30 percent of entry-level finance workers possess them.

“What I need is someone who can analyze data, see problems and figure out solutions,” Benjamin Mulling, CFO of Tente Casters Inc., told the Journal. “A college grad telling me they know how to do debits and credits and financial statements doesn’t really help me.”