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Communication Habits to Develop for a Successful Career

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Feb 17, 2016

4workingguysHow you communicate matters – and while conflict that arises from a simple misunderstanding may be trite in the world of TV sitcoms, the negative effects of it are not something you want to deal with in the workplace. The benefits of good communication skills are well-known; here are some tips from Inc on how to develop good communication habits in your career:

Customize your message. Be aware of who you’re talking to, and tailor your message to their preferences. That is, some people like details, while others are more “big picture” people.

Listen carefully. Communication isn’t just about conveying a message, it’s also about listening. Don’t zone out when someone else is talking, and don’t glance at your phone or watch. Your body language should show that you’re interested.

Be mindful of your tone. Tone can make or break a successful conversation. While sarcasm might be great among friends, in a business setting, it can wreak havoc on otherwise strong social connections.