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Behaviors to Avoid When Networking

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jul 19, 2016

NetworkingNetworking is one of the best ways to grow your career, but it can be easier said than done. When networking in-person, you can make a stronger impression on a person by providing them with a more complete image of yourself – but this can backfire if you make a social blunder. Here are some behaviors while networking to avoid, from Fortune:

Interrupting a conversation. Interrupting someone’s conversation, especially without an apology and acknowledgement that you are interrupting will come off as rude. It’s likely that networking conversations won’t be too complex at a networking event, but it’s still very much a faux pas to interrupt.

Pushing too hard. You shouldn’t use your time networking to sell your services to anyone polite enough to listen to your elevator speech. Along the same lines, don’t dominate the conversation by only talking about yourself and showing no interest in what others have to say.

Going negative. Don’t go negative, whether you’re commenting on the networking venue itself, or speaking ill of someone or some firm that you’ve worked with before. The former makes you seem ungracious, while the latter may ruin a good connection for good. You never know who knows whom – and if you’re at professional conference, people in the same field are more likely to know each other.