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Average Worker Spends 77 Minutes a Day Watching Non-Work Videos

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 16, 2017

A survey of over 1,000 workers at companies with more than 250 employees has found that, on average, people spend about 77 minutes per day watching videos not related to work, according to Quartz. That's 77 minutes of things like baby sloths getting a bath, late 90s comedy sketch shows, ruminations on the Fermi paradox, or a history of Japan's warring states period. Not that, you know, these are the kinds of things certain bloggers watch when they're procrastinating. Certainly not. They're just arbitrarily selected videos that happen to align with the kinds of things they're interested in. 

This all fits in with the time-worn habit of just generally procrastinating at work. While the particulars may vary, studies have shown that the average worker takes 
about two to three hours a day procrastinating. Quartz noted that, taking video consumption alone, this means literally millions of dollars worth of lost productivity across the economy per year. It does note, though, that taking periodic breaks can be quite helpful anyway, though suggested perhaps it might be better to spend those breaks away from a screen.