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Are You Really Ready to Take on a Managerial Role?

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 24, 2015
young-career-stepsDoes it always make sense to accept a promotion to a managerial position? The Harvard Business Review offered an interesting list of factors you might want to consider before saying 'yes' to becoming the new boss. 

One is to be fully aware that things will be different. You'll be getting more money, but there will be a cost. For one, relationships can change with those who had once been your peers. Are you okay with that possibility? Further, do you like the people who will be your new cohort? Because those will be your peers now. Further, your decisions are going to affect a lot more people than it did before, in some very practical ways too: are you up for that level of responsibility? 

Also consider the extent to which you may have hesitance or anxiety about the decision, and from where those things may be coming. Fear, says the article, is normal. It's how you deal with it that matters. It's best to acknowledge these concerns but, at the same time, understand why it was you who was asked to lead. Trying to fake it til you make it, says the article, is a quick path to failure. 

Finally, ask yourself why it is you want to become manager. What's your motivation? Do you think it's for the right reasons? It might also be prudent, if one is hesitant, to also consider why you might not want to take that promotion. Make sure you're going into whatever you do for the right reasons: that is, reasons that make you comfortable with whatever it is you decide to do.