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Are You In the Job Dangerzone?

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 11, 2017

While sometimes a firing can be a complete surprise, often being terminated is preceded by a number of signs that can serve as a dire warning for what's about to happen, according to Ladders, a high-end job posting site. 

You may notice, for example, that you're not being given as many projects as before, especially more long-term ones. Another sign is that you're suddenly being given way more time off than before, almost as if they don't want you to be there as they plan your exit. You could also face an engagement drop-off  where you're not looped in to as many meetings or invited out to lunch as much. Your company could simply be in a round of downsizing or, conversely, you start seeing a lot of new job listings from your company (potentially for your own position!). There could also be a new person who suddenly has become much more involved with your department of job than before. Finally, you could just be told: being put on a performance improvement plan of some sort is usually a last ditch effort to improve before being shown the door. 

While no doubt you, our hardworking industrious reader, have no need to know these signs, perhaps you might keep these signs in mind for a friend.