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Accounting Rap Videos: More Than You’d Expect

Jason Wong
Published Date:
May 12, 2015

No, that’s not the latest Onion headline. If you’re curious, like we were, about the kind of results you’ll get searching for the term “accounting” in YouTube, one unlikely answer is rap videos. In the past few years, several have turned up on the site and they’re still getting their fair share of attention—two have 20,000 views, while a third has been watched over 350,000 times. Apparently, there’s an audience for accounting class video projects. Here are the highlights. While you’re watching, don’t forget to check out the NYSSCPA’s YouTube channel, although we can’t promise you musical numbers.

1) Colin Dodds, “Debit Credit Theory (Accounting Rap Song)

Debit Credit Theory

Written to musically illustrate the basics of debits and credits, the song includes such lyrical gems as this for the accounting student who needs a little help remembering the tricks of the trade:

Understand the fundamental accounting equation
An asset increasing is a debit,
An asset decreasing is a credit
The reverse is true for liabilities and equity
If you get this then you get accountancy!

2) Nathan Mills, “
I’m Accounting

I'm Accounting

Mills, aka NizzyNate Millyunz, offers this heartwarming story of how an instructor got him hooked on accounting.

“It was day one of class
Set up my accounting lab
And my teacher started telling us
about CPAs and GAAP.”

Although we also appreciate this wordplay:

“Man, my flow’s super no smash bro
And I’m trying to make a statement
through my cash flows.”

3) Dakota Slaughter, “
LiFo FiFo Accounting Rap

LiFo FiFo

Born of an extra credit opportunity, this song begins with the lyric, “Check my accounting rap, all things complying in accordance to GAAP” and it only gets better from there.

What do you think of these videos? Did we miss any others? Tweet us @nysscpa.org.