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30 Percent of Young Adults Would Sell an Organ to Pay Off Debt

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 17, 2015
organsWe've heard of college costing an arm and a leg, but with the average student debt load now reaching about $30,000, young people would be willing to give up a few other body parts as well, according to Forbes. A recent survey conducted in 200 people with a median age of 32 and an average debt load of $34,500 found that, if it would make their entire obligation disappear, they would be willing to give up an organ. Still, not all organs are created equal in the market. According to an article in Gizmodo that calculates how much each organ would fetch on the black market, some organs, like the gall bladder, would barely make a dent in an average student debt load. Others, like a kidney, however, can completely erase the debt, with a lot more left over. It should be noted, though, that people who sell organs on the black market often will get only a fraction of the overall worth, according to Popular Science. The broker who arranges the deal will take a cut, as will the doctors who perform the surgery, and then there's the actual cost of supplies and travel in the whole affair. Apparently, someone selling a kidney gets, on average, about $1000 to $10,000. 

Maybe, then, indebted students should instead explore other possibilities, such as turning their lives into a reality show (55 percent said they would in exchange for wiping out their debts), getting rid of half of everything they own (43 percent), or taking part in a questionable medical study (38 percent).