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The Diversity & Inclusion Committee's Women’s Initiative

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants endeavors to provide a platform for women in the profession to enable discussion and career development amid challenging environments. Women's Initiative is a subcommittee of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Events, skill set presentations, and speaker sessions will be held in order to:

  • Offer supplementary networking
  • Hold an arena of conversation
  • Build upon talent
  • Expand a knowledge base
  • Promote topics of awareness

Professionals who face situations of exclusion can develop their experience and knowledge of relevant fields at these NYSSCPA events. Providing a space for growth and advancement allows for the recognition of women’s issues. Antiquated barriers, where women often find a void or lack of inclusion, are obstacles that can be hurdled among peers. Networking tools can be progressed and leaders in the profession can become influencers within this initiative.

Looking to get more involved?

DIY Monthly Workshop Series
So often, professionals have the self awareness necessary to recognize what skill sets they need to help them get to the next level in their career, but not the resources to help them with that first step--or anyone to take it with. That's why the NYSSCPA Women's Initiative launched its DIY (Do It Yourself) Monthly Workshop series.

If you are willing to carve out just a couple of after-work hours a month to learn the skills that can give you that extra edge at the office, we'll provide the venue, the experts and a roomful of ambitious neophytes like yourself to test them out on. Diversity and inclusion isn't just for the board room. Learning a new skill is more fun when there's a mix of professionals in the room, that's why this workshop series is open to all members and their guests. Please join us!

All events to take place at the NYSSCPA, 14 Wall Street, NY, N.Y., between 5:30-7 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

  • Sept. 27 - How to Build Your Professional Brand (in person or webcast).   
  • Oct. 19 - How to Play Poker
  • Nov. 6 - How to Be a Rainmaker for You and Your Firm
  • Dec. 12 - How to Start a Women's Initiative at Your Firm
Please check back for updates to the event dates and times. Questions can be emailed to Lauren Biggers, Associate Director, Member Relations, at lbiggers@nysscpa.org.