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Career Transitions Committee


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About the Career Transitions Committee Committee

Career Transitions Committee


Committee Action Plan




Who We Are:


It is not uncommon for member CPAs to find themselves in transition at different stages of their career.  There are many reasons for a transition and whether it is due to a career break or a desire to reshape or recharge an existing career, there are many challenges and uncertainties during this period. 


The Career Transitions Committee helps in creating a support network and targeted initiatives for mid-career CPAs to either lay the groundwork for career re-entry or remain connected to other CPAs and the NYSSCPA during a career transition.   


What We Do:


·        Establish targeted programs and resources geared towards career and job services.

·        Create networking and mentoring opportunities.

·        Partner with relevant external organizations and other NYSSCPA committees to expand the network of resources and support.

·        Provide opportunities to obtain or enhance practical in-demand skills.


Who Should Join:


·        Members who are exploring or actively seeking a return to the workforce after a career break.

·        Members who want to develop new strategies or acquire new skills to reshape or recharge their careers.

·        Members who want to offer support, mentor or otherwise assist in the advancement of committee goals.