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About the Diversity and Inclusion Committee



Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Committee Action Plan

Who We Are:

Society members with an interest in seeing that the NYSSCPA and the profession are positioned to attract and advance aspiring professionals regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability status or any other aspect of diversity, and who believe that a diverse and inclusive profession is one that better reflects and is better able to serve a global public of many varying perspectives and cultures.

What We Do:

·         Involve members of the society in the evolving dialogue, activities and actions surrounding diversity and inclusion.  

·         Educate the membership on how diversity and inclusion is integral to a successful business strategy.

·         Develop recruiting programs and initiatives for the society tailored to specific areas of diversity.

·         Develop recruiting and mentoring initiatives and best practice resources for members in their efforts to enhance diversity in their firms or businesses.

·         Act as a resource to and role model for society members of diversity and help them connect with one another and take advantage of development opportunities.     

·         Provide comment on any legislative or regulatory proposals that would impact efforts toward achieving diversity and inclusion in the profession or workplace in general.

Who Should Join:

Members with an interest in and a desire to see the Society and the profession become a champion of diversity and inclusion.