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Emerging Tech Entrepreneurial


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About the Emerging Tech Entrepreneurial Committee

Committee Action Plan


Emerging Tech Entrepreneurial Committee






A group of likeminded CPAs who serve clients in the emerging technology and new media entrepreneurial industry, particularly start-ups and early stage venture backed entities.





      Discuss emerging trends and issues in the industry.

      Develop an official NYSSCPA toolkit to provide critical and practical knowledge to entrepreneurs and investors in the industry from the perspective of a CPA.

      Outreach to various industry professionals to promote our toolkit and society expertise through various forms, including seminars, podcasts and networking events.





NYSSCPA members who are passionate about serving technology and new media entrepreneurial ventures and those looking to help pioneer and grow a new NYSSCPA Committee.




Benefits of Committee Membership

Committee membership helps NYSSCPA members:

      Gain experience and share experiences in serving emerging tech and new media clients with other expert members.

      Become a part of a vibrant team dedicated to pioneering a new NYSSCPA Committee

      Potential exposure to many tech startup industry entrepreneurs and investors in the form of speaking events, published pieces and informal networking events